How to use AndiCar - the free car manager for Android

Getting started

Create new driver & car

Record mileage

There are three ways to record mileages:

The simple mode (in one step).

This is useful when you maintain a gapless mileage recording and after every trip you create a record.
    • Press the Add button located on the mileage zone in the main screen

    • The start field is automatically filled with the last mileage value. Enter the stop odometer or mileage.

    • Enter any additional data (type, tag, comment, etc.)
    • Press the OK button

The recording mode (in two steps).

This is useful when you not maintain a gap less mileage recording. In this mode you enter the start odometer value before the trip and the stop odometer value or the mileage at the end of the trip.
    • Press the Add button located on the mileage zone in the main screen

    • Enter the start odometer value. Leave the stop/mileage field empty.

    • Enter any additional data (expense type, tag, comment, etc.)
    • Press the Start button

    • At the end of the trip press again the Add button located on the mileage zone in the main screen

    • Press the Stop button

    • Enter the stop odometer/mileage value

    • Press the OK button

The GPS mode

In this mode you can create a mileage using your device GPS sensor. See the "GPS Tracking with mileage creation" section for a demo video.

Create reports & send via email

GPS Tracking with mileage creation

Backup & restore

Modify existing records

Note: Some of the How To's was created with a previous version of AndiCar. But are still topical.

Create, Modify and Delete data entry templates

Create a new data entry template

In order to create a new data entry template, follow this steps:
  1. Open a data entry screen. For example open the mileage entry window
  2. Fill the values for all fields you want to be saved in the template

  3. Press the new template button from the template zone of the screen

  4. Give a name for the template and press OK

From now you can use the template to autocomplete the desired fields.

Modify an existing template

  1. Select the template you want to modify
  2. Change the value of the fields you want to modify
  3. Press the save button from the template zone

Delete a template

  1. Go to Preference -> Configure Add-On Services
  2. From the "Data Entry Templates" zone, select the data entry window for which the template was created

  3. Long tap on the desired template and choose delete from the menu which appear

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